Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk for android

Many times we receive important calls, and we would like to leave some evidence that this call was made. However, it 's hard to know which calls will be so significant as to be recorded. With this application, you can save any conversation that you want. It is very easy to choose which contacts record calls, in this way we avoid save conversations of people that do not interest us, although it is also possible to save all calls.

automatic call recorder pro

After you save a call it is possible to synchronize with our Google account Drive and DropBox, so we have a secure backup information in the case of that arrive to fail the phone. If the audio is heard evil, it is recommended to choose another audio source and perform tests to find the source you hear better.Record any call and selects those that you want to save. You can choose the calls that are recorded and which are ignored. Listening to the recording adds notes and share it. The integration with Google Drive and Dropbox enables calls to be saved or synchronize with the cloud.



The integration with Google Drive functions in the Android version 3.0 and below.

Most of Our Visitors asked me for the app that records phone calls, what I recommend or what I think is the best. Well, after testing many call recorders, I am left with Automatic Call Recorder.

Keep in mind that the call recording does not work on some phones, and the result may be a recording of worse quality. We suggest that you try the free version before you buy the application.
If you have a problem with the recording, attempting to record from a different audio source or use the speakerphone mode automatic.

The recorded calls are stored in the inbox. You can change the destination folder to an external SD card. You can determine the size of the inbox. The number of recordings is limited only by the size of the memory of your device.

If you decide that a conversation is important, save it and will be stored in the folder saved call. If not, the older recordings are automatically deleted when the new calls fill your inbox.

You can activate a call summary menu with options to display just after the call.
Search Recordings by contact, phone number, or notes.


automatic call recorder

There are 3 configurations of Automatic Call Recorder Pro :

  • Record All (default): With these settings have recorded all calls except those of the preselected contacts to ignore
  • Ignore everything: With this configuration is not recorded any calls except those of the preselected contacts to record.
  • Ignore contacts: These settings records all the calls from people who are not in the list of contacts, except those that have been selected for recording.
Only in the Pro version: You can configure the calls from certain contacts to be saved automatically and stored in the cloud.

As its name indicates, Call Recorder is a program capable of recording a telephone conversation. Recordings thus made may be stored in the system memory or on the storage card (in .WAV format or .amr). You can automatically trigger (incoming calls, outgoing calls, or both) or manually (a confirmation will then be sought systematically).

Is a utility to record Phone calls on your mobile. The application allows you to save the discussions in peer-to-peer, online numbers or outgoing calls. Simple to use, Automatic Call Recorder Pro can be activated automatically or manually in the Systray in a single click and backup the calls in MP3 format.


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It is so easy to install Automatic call recorder on your android phone. and as its name is describing that it does its work automatically. You do not need to do any manual setting it is as simple as you install any app from Google Playstore and Run it. However, You can Configure it for Better Performance. Here, I am Pointing some Settings that you can configure in Automatic call recorder pro.

  • Turn on Automatic Recording.
  • Connect to Cloud Account to Save Recorded Calls.
  • Increase Recording Volume.
  • Choose Audio Format.
  • Choose Contacts to Records.
  • Choose Contacts to Ignore.
  • Themes.
  • Shake Your Phone to Record Calls.
A lot more you can configure in Automatic Call recorder Pro to enhance its performance.